When Michael Chang ’92 reflects on his four years at Webb (88-92) and the impact it has had on his life, he isn’t troubled by ambiguity. Integrity is what first comes to mind. And now as a trustee and an alumnus living abroad in Hong Kong, he isn’t shy talking about it.

“Looking back on those years as a student and now five years as a trustee, I’m confident that my compass was set at Webb. My growth into adulthood and path to developing the values I carry with me today all began here. As you grow and age you experience hardships and challenges, that’s when you truly understand your values and where they come from,” Chang said.

But values are more than ideas, especially at Webb. “Webb gave me a way to turn the idea of integrity into action. From the biggest concepts like living by an honor code, to not cheating, to the smaller ones like the philosophy we practiced on Peccary trips—always leave the campsite cleaner than you found it. It all boils down to having integrity. At Webb I learned it’s essential to act with honor, especially when no one is watching,” Chang said.

The Centennial Campaign has several ambitious goals, but chief among them is to dramatically increase the endowment to support financial aid and faculty development. The vision is for every student and family and teacher with the ability to succeed and passion to contribute to find a place here, welcomed and supported.

Now a parent of a Webb student, Chang considered what advice he might offer a new student. How do you make the most of your Webb experience? “Practice turning integrity into action at Webb. Take this important opportunity and try new things and develop your leadership skills. Have fun and make friends!” Chang said.

Every bit of this is good advice, advice Chang himself has taken to heart. Nearly every week since he graduated, Chang has been in touch with his classmate and best friend Andrew Wass ’92. The Webb Experience will last a lifetime. You see it everywhere you look.