The first

boarding school to flourish for 100 years in Los Angeles County.

The first

in the West where character comes first.

The first

in the world to introduce paleontology in its curriculum.

The first

accredited museum of paleontology on a high school campus in the world.

The first

in the West to create a coordinate, two-school program on one campus.

The first

to include field study across the curriculum.

The first

to create academic partnerships with higher education and industry.

The first

and only school in the West to receive a $100 million gift.

And we’re just getting started.

The Centennial Campaign

We seek to raise $200 million or more in support of three major priorities.

Open Webb to the World

We must dramatically increase financial aid endowment to ensure Webb can enroll and support every student with the drive to succeed and passion to contribute to our schools.

L E A R N  M O R E

Foster Academic Innovation

We must ensure that we have the necessary resources to expand our innovative academic program, and recruit and support the most diverse, dedicated, accomplished and creative teachers in the nation.

L E A R N  M O R E

Transform Our Campus Home

We must be prepared to meet the needs of the next century, including flexible technology-rich classrooms, cross-disciplinary science laboratories, renovated dormitories and new faculty homes.

L E A R N  M O R E

campaign news

The Webb Schools are embarking on a $1 million reimagination of the 11,000-square-foot W. Russell Fawcett Library to create flexible learning spaces, a digital media innovation lab and a digital gallery, and add innovation tools to foster collaboration and creativity.




​Every accomplishment or success in the last century was supported through philanthropy and led by a member or members of our community. This commitment has been unwavering — across eras, through the decades, around the world. Now more than ever, this commitment can and will push Webb to ever-greater impact and success.

and share your

webb story

We want to hear from you.  Please share your Webb or Alf Museum experience and how it affected you or your family.  Is there a particular teacher you wish to recognize, a moment in time that propelled you forward, a donor you wish to thank or an explanation about why you give?  Tell us about it.