campaign priorities

Webb is a microcosm of the society we want to live in.

– Michael Chang ’92

campaign priorities

Webb is a microcosm of the society we want to live in.

– Michael Chang ’92

Open Webb To The World

Dramatically Increase
Financial Aid
Significantly Expand Student and Faculty Diversity


$100 Million +

Foster Academic Innovation

Support Faculty Excellence
Field Study and Student Research
One-of-a-Kind Academic Partnerships

$70 Million +

Transform Our Campus Home

New Cutting-Edge Learning/Classroom Spaces
New Community-Building
Common Spaces
New and Renewed Student Dormitories
New and Renewed Faculty Housing

$30 Million +




Academic Innovation and Unbounded Thinking

Jessica Fisher

History & Humanities Chair Academic Innovation and Unbounded Thinking

“The best boarding schools in the years ahead, like Webb, will need to continue to offer more student choice in their academic programs, more space for student passions to develop, and greater depth and diversity in their curricula.”

One great example of academic innovation and unbounded thinking at Webb is the growth and success of its Humanities Program. Unique among boarding and independent schools, the program is deeply admired as a model among the most selective colleges and universities.

“We stand out in our unwavering commitment to interdisciplinary work, and in our persistence to grow the breadth and depth of our academic offerings,” Humanities Co-Chair Jess Fisher explained.

While skills development is central to this work, so is creating curriculum tethered to the passions of students, as well as teachers. Webb teachers have developed courses such as The Cold War Era and Economic Thought in the Modern Age. And Fisher offered other examples. “Our Humanities faculty have developed dozens of electives on myriad topics, including environmental sustainability, religious sites, gothic literature, LGBT history, and the politics of the US-Mexico border, just to name a few. In the coming years, we hope to expand our offerings in Film Studies and Music History. We are fortunate to be able to collaborate closely with the Webb Fine Arts department to support our interdisciplinary work.”

Even while the Humanities faculty integrates digital media skills into their classes, they are also share a commitment to developing foundational skills like writing, too.

“Our approach to teaching writing aligns with the work being done at Bard College. In fact, through the use of faculty development funds at Webb, we’ve been able to send four teachers to Bard’s Summer Writing Workshops. Fundamentally, this approach allows us to create space for students to write more frequently and informally, and not just as performance and assessment. Instead, writing becomes a way of thinking, an approach that opens students up and allows them to develop their voice, and gather and refine their ideas.”

While the Humanities Program at Webb is now eight years old, it continues to mature and grow. The goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion remain central to their innovations.  Teachers are always thinking about how to include and elevate more voices and narratives. Teachers are also looking at not only what they teach and at the courses offered, but also how they design lessons and assessments, and how they measure student success as it relates to issues of equity.

The success of The Centennial Campaign is vital to the quality of our instruction in the years ahead. Fisher added, “We need to increase our investment in academic spaces, with state-of-the-art classrooms and resources. We also need to continue to invest in more faculty housing for current and future faculty, if we want to continue to attract and retain the best talent. These two investments are vitality important to Webb’s success today and in the future. And as we concentrate deliberately on diversity, equity and inclusion here, we must focus on offering highly competitive teaching salaries. These are expensive undertakings, I know, but Webb’s success in its next century depends upon these investments.”

campaign leadership

The Centennial Campaign Executive Committee

Blake Brown ’68
Rick Clarke ’63, P ’98
Jim Drasdo ’63
Susan Nelson P ’95, ’97
Sandra Lee Rebish ’88, P ’23, ‘24
Denis Yip P ’18, ’19

Board of Trustess 2021-22

Sanjay Dholakia ’87, P ’21, Chairman
Larry Ashton ’70, Chair, Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology
Blake Brown ’68
Michael Chang ’92, P ’23
Deval Dvivedi ’00
Jenna Gambaro ’95
Wendy Hornbuckle P ’19
William Hornbuckle P ’19
Jennifer Ishiguro ’91
Naveen Jeereddi ’92
David Loo ’79
Christina McGinley ’84, P ’12, ’16
Julia Marciari-Alexander ’85
Rahmi Mowjood ’90
David Myles ’80
Mickey Novak ’70, P ’22
Melvin L. Oliver GP ’23
Janet Peddy, Director of Finance, Planning and Operations
Sandra Lee Rebish ’88, P ’23, ’24
R.J. Romero P’12, ’15, ’20
Miles Rosedale ’69, P ’92
Wendin D. Smith ’89
Taylor B. Stockdale, Head of Schools
Jordan Taylor ’02
Lara Tiedens P ‘21
Lance C. Williams ’97
Den Yip P ’18, ’19

Life and Honorary Trustees

William Chiu P ’21, ’21, ’21, Honorary Trustee
Jim Drasdo ’63
Hugh H. Evans Jr. ’49, P ’79
Anne Gould P ’71
Robert Hefner ’53, Honorary Trustee
Earl (Bud) Hoover II ’52, GP ’04
Murray H. Hutchison P ’80, ’86, ’87, ’89
Pak Fu King P ’19, Honorary Trustee
Ming Chung Liu P ’10, Honorary Trustee
Ann Longley
Claire H. McCloud P ’95, ’96
Kimball (Kim) McCloud ’67, P ’95, ‘96
Susan A. Nelson P ’95, ’97
Paul M. Reitler ’54, GP ‘13
John Rogers ’59, GP ’16, Honorary Trustee
Yafei Yuan P ’16, ’20, Honorary Trustee
Peter Ziegler ’63

Alf Museum Board of Trustees

Larry Ashton, Jr. ’70, Chair
Gretchen J. Augustyn P ‘89
Terry Baganz
Richard H. Clark P ‘04
Jeffrey Cripe ’08
Daniel Gluckstein, M.D P ’05, ‘08
Ronald (Ron) Hagander ‘66
James Hall ’59
Lexington Henn ’09
Gard Jameson, Ph.D. ’71 P ’08, ‘09
Jenny Kong P ’15, ’18, ‘22
Carl Lachman ’86
David Mirkin ‘66
J. Patrick Muffler ‘54
Michelle Plyley P ‘12
Mary W. Rose
Elizabeth Smith ’92
Charles Steinmann, M.D. P ‘98
Page Thibodeaux
Monica Atiyeh Whitaker ’96
Thomas Yu ’06
Tammy Zipser P ’94, ‘96

Ex Officio Members

Sanjay Dholakia ’87 – Chairman, The Webb Schools Board of Trustees
Donald Lofgren – Museum Director, President
Taylor Stockdale – Head of Schools

Other Members

Janet Peddy – The Webb Schools CFO/Dir. Of Finance, Planning & Operations
Kathy Sanders – Secretary/Office Manager
Gabe Santos – Collections Manager/Outreach Coordinator

Life Trustees

Anne Earhart
Sherwood Kingsley ‘58
John (Dick) Lynas ’55
Douglas F. Myles P ’80, GP ‘13
Michael O. Woodburne

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